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What We do

Kaua`i Animal Welfare Society (KAWS) is an all-volunteer dog and cat rescue and sanctuary on Kaua`i. We are a small group of volunteers who saw a need to assist the people of Kaua`i in helping the island’s homeless pets. We are able to help people who take in found animals by setting them up with food, flea/tick meds, leashes, collars, bedding, crates, courtesy posts on social media, and moral support.

We focus our resources on dogs who have needs beyond what the local shelter or community members can provide and bring in as many cats and kittens as we have fosters available. Many of our animals have special needs: sick, injured, elderly, and ones with behavior challenges.   Additionally, we are building our cat sanctuary: Kaua`i Cat Haven. Upon completion we will be able to house hundreds of cats, both domesticated and feral. Currently, all of the dogs and cats under our care live at our sanctuary or are in foster care. 

Our Mission

The Kaua`i Animal Welfare Society believes every animal on Kaua`i deserves a safe and nurturing home. Our mission is to provide moral, financial, and medical support for those fostering homeless pets; to end the practice of euthanasia as a means of population control, instead relying on spay and neuter and trap and return programs; and to create a sanctuary for animals not yet placed in foster or permanent homes.

 Our Sanctuary

Our sanctuary is on 10+ acres on the eastern side of Kaua`i. Our KAWS house is the home of our dogs who thrive in a pack setting, while our KAWS dog cabins offer an alternative home to the dogs who are more successful in their own space. Our most recent project is the building of our senior dog home called Kūpuna Kamp. We continue to seek funding to complete our Kaua`i Cat Haven that is the future home to hundreds of Kaua`i's homeless cats. We strive to provide a safe haven for our animals while they wait to find their forever homes. Whether an animal stays with us for 2 weeks, 2 years, or a lifetime, they can always call our sanctuary home. 


How you can Help


Your donation helps saves lives. Please consider pledging a monthly donation.  Mahalo!



We have several dogs and cats currently waiting for their forever homes. Turn in an application today! 



Fostering saves lives!  We are always looking for fosters, both short and long term to help us save more cats and dogs.


Join Our Team!

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Interested in joining the

KAWS Team? 

KAWS Dog PEn-Pals

Our KAWS Cabin dogs are eager to correspond with children and senior citizens.  

Please mail letters to:


P.O. Box 650

Kapa`a, HI, 96746

Address to either Chance, Ronnie, or Hina

​Children under 18 must have a parent sign our pen pal waiver.





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