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Hi! My name is Hina.

I'm extremely friendly, give lots of kisses, and love to play! I require someone who understands me and can establish healthy boundaries so I can thrive with reciprocate love.  I love cuddles but sometimes I can get too excited!

I need a home with older children (I am a too excitable, I may jump!), no cats, and a medium activity level. 

I'd probably be best as the only pet--I require lots of attention!

I'm a blue nosed pitbull mix, am medium, about 8 years old, and am gray with a white chest.

I'm the resident social butterfly!

Hi Everyone! 


My name is Kailani.  I'm about 3.5 years old, 40 lbs., hound mix, and a beautiful brindle gal.  I was rescued on the side of the road with a broken femur.  The vets fixed up my leg and my little limp has almost completely disappeared.  

I absolutely love other dogs and am a bit of a rascal with them.  With the humans I'm quite skittish, so would do well in a home with other confident dogs and humans who are willing work with me.  Cats are an unknown for me.  I can get a bit mouthy when being playful, so need to be in a home where the children older. 

I am available for foster to adopt!



Our names are Joe (white dream boat) and Hannah (shy sweetheart) and we are a bonded pair hoping to find our forever home. 


We have been through so much together.  We met at the KAWS sanctuary and immediately fell in love.  I (Joe) have helped Hannah become more confident and we enjoy going on hikes together as well as snuggling on the couch.  We were adopted together and had a wonderful experience, but sadly, our adopter became very ill and could no longer care for us.  We returned to the sanctuary a little more confident. 


Hannah is about 6 years old and a vizsla mix and I am pushing 9 and a pit/hound mix.  We like other dogs as long as they aren't too pushy.  Cats are probably not the best match for us.  We would do well in a home with a calm environment and humans who like to get out and hike as well as lounge around the house.  

My name is Reggie and I am a member of the KAWS house pack.  My life was pretty rough up until now and and I am just now getting used to being a house dog and learning that the humans can be really nice.  


My caregivers at KAWS are getting to know me more and have learned that I love the the other dogs.  I'm the BEST leash walker and stay right by my human's side.  I am super confident playing with my canine friends, but I will continue to need a lot of patience and time to warm up to people.

I am about 3.5 years old, 60 lbs, and a handsome black and brown hound mix.  

Aloha all, my name is Sweet Pea.  I'm abut 2.5 years old and have the cutest scruffy face you'll ever see.  I was found roaming Hanalei and it took quite a bit of work on the human's part to catch me as I am super skittish.  I adore playing with canine friends and would do best with at least one confident dog.  I have to mention that I LOVE to play ball!

Since I've been rescued I have learned that humans are good and I have started to trust the ones who spend the time to get to know me.  I have been wearing a back pack on my walks that seems to settle me down as I can be easily excited or stressed. The more time someone spends with me, the more trusting I will be and I'll even ask for a little affection.  I am available for foster to adopt. 

Greetings everyone!  My name is Kamalani.  I am a confident young man, and I love to go out and explore.  I'm about 60 pounds and 4.5 years old.  I prefer the female dogs and am pretty selective with which male dogs I like. 

I came to the KAWS sanctuary with some yucky skin and ear infections.  I was pretty skinny too.  I've started eating good food and am taking some medicine to help my skin feel and look a better.  My vet suspects that I may have an on-going skin condition, and we are still trying to figure out what my best skincare regimen is.  

I'm a very happy fella who would love a family willing to work on basic training with me and who would promise to take me on lots of adventures in nature.

Sanctuary & Forever Foster Dogs

We have some special dogs in our program who need specific care or handling that make them best suited as either permanent residents at our sanctuary or in forever foster homes.  


My name is Chance and I am one of the permanent sanctuary dogs. I came to KAWS when I was under a year old after I was involved in a pretty bad dog fight at the local shelter. I spent several months working with trainers and my people felt that I could be successful in a home with the proper structure. I was adopted only to be returned after getting in more dog fights. I once again worked with a trainer who was guiding another potential adopter. In this home, I bit a person. The folks at KAWS knew that I needed more structure than I could find in a home setting, so they brought him to live on the sanctuary. I have my own cabin where I have canine friends from a safe distance. I am provided a setting where I get mental and physical exercise every day, multiple times a day, and am handled with consistency and structure to ensure safety for everyone involved. With this handling, I am the best Chance I can be. My caretakers are committed to giving all the animals on the sanctuary their best lives; some are adopted and others like me stay at the sanctuary permanently. My people are happy to care for me and provide me with an environment that sets me up for success and brings me happiness everyday.


Aloha, my name is Ronnie.  I am also a full time resident at the KAWS Sanctuary where I keep an eye on what's going on.  I am happy living on the sanctuary where I receive the structure I need to be successful.  Outside the sanctuary, I am very easily stressed and can be reactive when this happens. I have a bite history, so in order for people, dogs, and other animals to be safe, I receive one-on-one attention multiple times a day. I love my own cabin where I have cozy places to sleep and my own yard. I am happy to have a home where the humans have designed a plan for me where I am safe and in a peaceful setting.  Check out my blog as I am the sanctuary's Editor in Chief.  


​Hi Everyone!  My name is Kai and I have a terrific life with my forever foster mom and all the other special needs pups in her pack.  I am able to get around really well in my wheelchair...I'm really very fast!  Try and catch me if you can!


Aloha! My name is Frankie.  I came to KAWS several years ago covered with tumors that mystified all the vets I saw.  The humans were told that the tumors were very bad, but I continue to thrive in my forever foster home, so that is where I will stay.  I am happy and take great pride in my policing skills.


Greetings!  My name is Jake and I have been with the KAWS family for quite a while.  I was literally bouncing off the walls at the local shelter and was glad when I became part of the KAWS family. I can be highly reactive in the average home environment and easily stressed which makes me want to bite.  In order to keep people, other animals safe my caregivers create an environment that is calm and structured.  I have many opportunities for agility training, walks and jogs through the property, and snuggles from the humans. I take my job as sanctuary patrol very seriously and am happy and content to have a live-in work position at the KAWS sanctuary. 

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