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Kupuna Kamp: A Retirement home for senior dogs

"`Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten." ~Lilo & Stitch

We spent 2022-23 building our senior dog home: Kūpuna Kamp. We wanted to create a place where senior dogs could live out their golden years with the love and care they so deserve.  Senior pets often require special care- food, medical treatments, and handling and we are delighted to provide a space for these special dogs.


We completed our Kūpuna Kamp's main home where our residents may lounge, day or night.  From there we incorporated a covered lanai for the semi-outdoors loungers.  We fenced around this structure, giving the canine residents a spacious area to move and sniff to their hearts' content.  We are finishing the bathing room that has a industrial sink, bathing tub for dogs, and a shower and tub for humans.  Just outside the yard is the orchard where the seniors join us when we tend to the trees or gather in the gazebo.  


Our current residents range in age from 9-14 years, and all found themselves needing a home in their later years.  We are honored to give them their best lives possible.

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