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Adoption Procedures

  1. The person wishing to adopt the dog/cat must complete an adoption application. We do not accept third party adopters.

  2. Once the adoption application is completed, the adoptee will be interviewed by a designated adoption counselor. Please do not consider this a personal evaluation. It is a needs assessment of the pet. Our goal is to find the best match for our animals to ensure a healthy and happy long-term relationship. 

  3. If the adoptee is determined a good match, a yard/home check will be conducted. 

  4. The animal may enter a trial stay for 1-2 weeks to make sure it is the right fit.

  5. Should we proceed to adoption, the adoption papers must be agreed upon and signed by a KAWS representative and the adoptee.

  6. Only a spayed/neutered pet will be released to the adoptee. If an animal has not been spay/neutered, then the adoptee will be able to pick up their pet from a veterinarian’s clinic once this procedure has been done.

  7. When the contract has been signed, the animal and his/her medical records will be released to the adoptee. 

  8. We have suggested donations for our dogs and cats (on-island adoption $50 cats, $75 dogs, off-island adoption $100 cats, $150 dogs).

  9. The adoptee will give visitation rights to ensure that the terms of the adoption agreement are being observed.

  10. If at any time during the trial stay or adoption, the adoptee wishes to return the animal, we require the animal come back to KAWS.  

Please submit your online application or email your completed application to:

or mail to:

Kauai Animal Welfare Society

PO Box 650 

Kapa`a, HI, 96746

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